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Reviews of Claudia Mason in Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending at Theatre/Theater in LA in 2010
The production, which Clausia Mason also executive produced, was nominated for a McCulloh Award for Best Revival of a Play by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle (LADCC).


"GO" - LA Weekly

"WOW" -

"The matchless dramatic poetry of Tennessee Williams elevates Orpheus Descending which gets its sprawling due at Theatre/Theater...a spare, evocative rendition by...Lou Pepe (and) his capable company...brilliantly spear-headed by Gale Harold and Denise Crosby...(and) the wonderful Claudia Mason..." - LA Times

"...the ensemble's power and conviction are ...potent...erotically (Claudia Mason's twiglike Carol Cutrere...)" - LA Weekly

"In the talented hands of its cast, director Lou Pepe, and designers, Orpheus Descending is proof positive that the 'waiver' theater can achieve world-class levels of excellence. This is Los Angeles theatre at its finest...a surefire hit...the first major artistic success of 2010...Claudia Mason gives a moving portrayal of lost soul/misfit Carol." -

"2010 is off to a great season if this is the kind of fare we can expect this year...definitely not one to miss. Former cover model Claudia Mason is a perfect fit as the consummate seductress and town inciter of jealous wrath and gossip." - Eye Spy LA

"Ironic humor and moments of pathos are deftly dovetailed as the production works its way to a chilling conclusion...the finest work by the supporting players includes...Claudia Mason as a bedraggled local waif..." - Backstage

"...we are, for a glorious moment, in theatrical heaven...This...production...of Orpheus Descending...makes its points most sharply and, without losing a sense of reality, captures the richness of its poetry...Carol Cutrere (Claudia Mason) off the kind of heat we expect from Williams." Stage and Cinema"...its cast performs beautifully. If art does purify...then the souls of these actors are washed clean. Model-turned-actress Claudia Mason brings a nuanced and delicate turn as Carol Cutrere...Tall and svelte with dark locks of long hair, Mason is like a frail Vampira of the South..." - Signal Tribune