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Reviews of Tennessee Williams’ Orpheus Descending at Theatre/Theater in LA in 2010

The production, which starred Claudia Mason who also executive produced, was nominated for a McCulloh Award for Best Revival of a play by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle (LADCC).


"GO" - LA Weekly

"WOW" -

"The matchless dramatic poetry of Tennessee Williams elevates Orpheus Descending which gets its sprawling due at Theatre/Theater...a spare, evocative rendition by...Lou Pepe (and) his capable company...brilliantly spear-headed by Gale Harold and Denise Crosby...(and) the wonderful Claudia Mason..." - LA Times

"...the ensemble's power and conviction are ...potent...erotically (Claudia Mason's twiglike Carol Cutrere...)" - LA Weekly

"In the talented hands of its cast, director Lou Pepe, and designers, Orpheus Descending is proof positive that the 'waiver' theater can achieve world-class levels of excellence. This is Los Angeles theatre at its finest...a surefire hit...the first major artistic success of 2010...Claudia Mason gives a moving portrayal of lost soul/misfit Carol." -

"2010 is off to a great season if this is the kind of fare we can expect this year...definitely not one to miss. Former cover model Claudia Mason is a perfect fit as the consummate seductress and town inciter of jealous wrath and gossip." - Eye Spy LA

"Ironic humor and moments of pathos are deftly dovetailed as the production works its way to a chilling conclusion...the finest work by the supporting players includes...Claudia Mason as a bedraggled local waif..." - Backstage

"...we are, for a glorious moment, in theatrical heaven...This...production...of Orpheus Descending...makes its points most sharply and, without losing a sense of reality, captures the richness of its poetry...Carol Cutrere (Claudia Mason) off the kind of heat we expect from Williams." - Stage and Cinema

"Its cast performs beautifully. If art does purify...then the souls of these actors are washed clean. Model-turned-actress Claudia Mason brings a nuanced and delicate turn as Carol Cutrere...Tall and svelte with dark locks of long hair, Mason is like a frail Vampira of the South..." - Signal Tribune