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Topics Include

  • Cultivating the art of not stopping

  • How to become and remain grounded

  • How to deal with rejection

  • How to approach health and fitness and beauty

  • The issue of morality

  • Dealing with jealousy

  • Dealing with success

  • Regaining confidence after a setback

The Key to a Super Life: Building Your Self-Esteem & Resilience - Whether You’ve Had a Setback or Not - by Cultivating Your Inner Life.

Supermodel, author, inspirational speaker, actor, producer, TV host, stroke survivor and stroke awareness & prevention advocate are some of the roles in which Claudia Mason has succeeded. She shares how to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience in the face of set backs, by emphasizing what strengthens one’s inner life. Everybody gets knocked down in life, the real test is whether you get back up.

After a life-threatening health crisis that Claudia overcame, she fully understands that at any moment you can flip the script of your life. Either you choose to be a victim of circumstance or you choose to rise and be in control of the path to success in your life. She shares how to build your super life by igniting your inner life with tools that help you grow or regain your confidence and enable you to thrive.

Claudia’s stellar resume {see here for her BIO} includes working with the top fashion designers of the world, being featured on elite fashion magazine covers worldwide, starring in prestigious international fashion campaigns and working with the most legendary fashion photographers. She never missed an opportunity to learn from every renowned person and opportunity that came her way. And now as a speaker, she is passing that on.

Claudia has also produced and performed in theatre to critical acclaim, and has performed as well in film and television. 

The author of Finding the Supermodel in You, The Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling (Skyhorse Publishing), Claudia’s guidance is helpful for anyone, regardless of age or career path. 

All this experience, plus that of being a stroke survivor, has given her tremendous insight into establishing and sustaining life’s goals through all manners of adversity.

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