Vlog - How Not to React

In light of yesterday’s testimonies regarding the Supreme Court justice nomination, and the upcoming vote, I must clarify that I am speaking here about day to day verbal interactions that very often cause us to react when we could have avoided it. Very often in these cases, our choice to react to someone or something that enervates us, only has us suffering more in the end when we choose to react negatively and heatedly to them. I am NOT referring to every circumstance of how one needs to react when one is, for example, threatened physically with violence to their own person or to another person. Please understand this important difference: there are extreme times in life when we MUST react. And there are also the more frequent every day occurrences of annoyance in which we need to think before we use our precious energy in negatively reacting.

Also, the term I refer to in the vignette: “would you rather be happy or right” is at it’s core a spiritual question, since ultimately the way to inner freedom is to choose to be happy and to not have to always be right. Again, I’m talking about how best to peacefully, joyously and healthfully go about your day to day experiences. NB: Extreme instances call for specific reactions for sure.

Claudia MasonComment