Those Beaches! That Sand!

I just came back from a location shoot in Panama City Beach, Florida, a destination I’ve never been to before, and quite frankly never heard of. I’ve been to Panama City, Panama but not until last week had I set foot onto this part of Florida, in fact this was the first time I was in the North West region, my previous ventures were always to the Southern and mid regions of the sunshine state.

When I finished my workday I went straight to the beach to see what all the fuss was about since I consistently heard how exquisite the beaches are. I didn’t want to miss out on experiencing that amazing feeling of putting my naked feet into the sand and staring out upon the vast waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The crescent moon shining in the sky above was an added bonus and for 30 minutes I was in complete heaven, in sync with nature. There wasn’t a soul on the beach…talk about serene.

As I walked along the shore, I noticed the funniest squeaking sound emanating from my stride. Usually there’s a crunch sound when you walk in the sand, but this was distinctively a squeak. The fine powder sand is made up of quartz crystals and it is just divine. It was truly a magical experience.

Claudia MasonComment