Vlog - Women Must Take Their Rightful Place in the World

We will set a new standard. We as women must take our rightful place in the world. We must stop knocking on the door in a world that really has no place for a graceful goddess. Women must reclaim who we truly are: strong, vulnerable, kind, intelligent, nurturing, loving, passionate, fierce, action oriented, inclusive, and on and on. I will be speaking more about this and getting specific as to how we as women can navigate our way back to who we truly are, and how we must show men how the only way forward is to accept the truth of the fact that THE world is made for both of us, for all of us, and our different strengths are not a marker for a standard of inequity but rather the exact reason that we need each other to complete our purpose here on earth, standing together for the good of ALL. #MOVINGFORWARDWITHGRACE

Claudia MasonComment