Kate Moss Agency

Brava Kate! I was delighted to read the news this week that Kate Moss has opened up her own talent management agency. I love when influencers do something major with their platform involving giving back. No other supermodel has consistently worked at the top level of their career for as long as Kate has (over 20 years) – incredible. And while it’s common, especially now a days, for a model to go into a business venture as a second career act, not since Wilhelmina Cooper opened up her own modeling agency, Wilhelmina Models, at the height of her modeling career in 1967, has a top model done this with any lasting success. I believe Kate Moss Agency is about to up the ante.

Kate is a smart woman who I had the pleasure to work with on many occasions during the height of my modeling career. And I’m not surprised by this model-to-businesswoman transformation she’s going through. Besides being the most famous of supermodels for all the covers and campaigns she continues to garner to this day, she also gained plenty of experience as collaborator for brands such as Topshop and Equipment among others. Hey, we models are businesswomen (and men) after all. If you think it’s just about pouting in front of a camera, think again! And buy my book right now!

I especially like the fact that she’s interested in creating stars out of talent that can do other things besides that of just modeling. Very smart and very much in keeping with the times, for as I’ve said before, a model competing in today’s market needs to think of what their skills are besides that of just modeling. And if it isn’t acting, singing or dancing, then perhaps it’s computer coding, directing, painting, designing or gardening! The key is to expand your brand (chapter 10 in my book!) and not just be another pretty face. As Kate said: “I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act – I want to create stars.” What a great way to give back – bravo Kate.

Claudia MasonComment