Stupid Kitchen Arguments (Hooray!)

Last night I was at my boyfriend’s apartment, and we were in the kitchen preparing a lovely dinner for two. There were plenty of vegetables involved in the food prep, and the thought that came to mind, and that I voiced aloud as I was chopping carrots for the meal, was: “did you know that there are certain foods that resemble certain human anatomy because it was the creator’s way of giving humans clues as to which foods were healthy for which parts of the body?” And I went on to give my 2 known examples: carrots and walnuts. The former’s interior looks exactly like an eye and the latter is a practical replica of the brain, voila, carrots are good for the eyes, and walnuts are good for the brain.

He almost fell off his chair in utter shock that I would believe such a thing! I immediately went online to prove that my belief was scientifically sourced, and I couldn’t find the exact proof he was requiring of my argument, even though I found plenty of info that backed up this concept, and it seemed to me a clear claim.

To him, not only could it not be a proven fact if there weren’t any studies that had been scrupulously researched to support it, but, he was in shock that I would deign to believe such primal symbolism…!

I’m sure you’ve been there before. You enter into a conversation with your partner on a topic that intrigues you, in which you look forward to possibly informing them about a belief you have that is factually based (at least according to you), and not only does your sweetie-pie not find the idea interesting but he is downright aghast that you would believe even for a millisecond that your belief was scientifically sourced (which would back it up), never mind find it mind-blowingly fascinating…?!

What to do when you find yourself stuck in this sort of quagmire…? Smile and then laugh – hooray! – awkward moment diffused by humor, allowing both people to not get stuck in seriousness, nor to take themselves too seriously.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and enjoy the summer heat!

Maria NaccaratoComment