Life After PCS – Alumni Panel

Recently I was asked to be one of the alumni panelists for a talk on “Life After PCS” to the current high school students at The Professional Children’s School (PCS). It was a trip down memory lane for sure when I arrived and was taken on a tour of the school. So many memories came flooding back as I walked through the narrow halls. PCS has provided a solid college preparatory education to professional children for over 100 years. The students had great questions which were full of anticipation, trepidation and excitement for what they might expect once they are no longer in the shielded, cozy environment that this century old establishment provides.

Answering their inquiries on how I coped with being a successful model all across the globe and balancing schoolwork made me revisit the state of mind of my teenage self, and drum up my life experiences from that period in order to best advise them on how to navigate through it all and succeed. The theme of how to cope once one has graduated from PCS was a great one that allowed me to provide my guidance to those seniors who are today embarking on their own post high school journey.

It was a great topic to speak about, as it so closely mirrors the guidance found in my book, “Finding The Supermodel In You”. For more information on my book and purchase information, visit my homepage on

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