Vlog – Mastering Modeling Poses

There is an endless supply of poses that a model can come up with when she’s posing for the camera. If you think about the incredible capacity of the human body to create a multitude of different physical movements and positions, it might free you up to move any which way your heart decides in front of the lens – the sky’s the limit!

To distill modeling poses down to two principal modes, I will demonstrate and discuss in the vlog today how many ways you can riff from the following two basic styles; the slouch and the straight spine. Never forget that modeling is about freely expressing yourself in front of the camera. If you are connected internally, it will show on film no matter what pose you’re doing. You’ll eventually learn which types of movements feel best for you from the experience you gain from your work. You will also discover how your thoughts and feelings play a role in your physical poses too. Modeling can be like silent film acting: the more intention and emotions you have, e.g. on your mind and in your heart, the more creatively and quickly your body will respond. The camera just loves a person who is lit from within – naturally lit that is!

Claudia MasonComment