Removing Your Makeup Properly

There are so many how-to makeup posts that give you a step by step demonstration of the correct way to put on your makeup, but there is skill involved in removing it as well! A good skincare regime is essential to every model’s routine, as your our faces definitely need extra TLC after enduring day after day in the makeup chair.  While every person’s skincare needs vary, there are some tried-and-true essentials regarding properly taking off your makeup in order to maintain your delicate facial skin.

The first thing to be aware of is what product(s) you are using. When it comes to makeup removal merchandise, there are countless brands out there, just like with all beauty lines. Women’s beauty care is big business, so if you’d rather not use a brand that is full of ingredients you can’t pronounce, check those labels!

I prefer to use different organic makeup removers, such as Neutrogena’s eye makeup removers, Andrea eye Q’s brand, or Klorane’s products. I also like Aveeno’s makeup removal wipes. It really helps to have a cloth or wipe to remove excess product that you can’t get off with your hands alone. I love to wash off any existing residue on my face with Kiss My Face olive oil soap. The ancient Egyptians knew the beauty benefits of pure olive oil and would often use a mask of this magic oil to keep their skin looking as youthful as possible.

Secondly, always remember to gently wipe around the eye area when removing your eye makeup. Never pull at this delicate skin or rub. Dab with your moist cotton pad until your makeup is fully removed. That goes for the entire face too, but the skin around the eye area is especially not to be abused!

Thirdly, after all your makeup is removed, wash your face with a good soap.

Fourthly, moisturize day and night! I don’t believe in astringents, although some women swear by them. Moisturizing, whether with a face oil or cream, is essential!

Claudia MasonComment