Spiritually Gearing Up For Fashion Month!

Finding spiritual calm in Mexico for UK Elle.

Me when I was a new model! Finding calm in the water...

Here we go again! #NYFW kicks off today, which will get the ball rolling on an entire month of gorgeous new clothes being displayed on the runways in NY, London, Milan, and the final city, Paris. The whirlwind will end on March 9th – my birthday! The twice annual pret-a-porter fashion shows are an exciting, hectic time in the lives of the fashion folk; specifically the models that partake in the collections in all four cities.

Besides keeping physically in shape, she must pay attention to her spiritual health as well. This is not an easy time for these professional beauties. Trust me, I am one of them, and while I might appear here and there along with my peers in some shows when they want different generations of models, the days of fashion month insanity are behind me – phew! However, I remember it all too well and can’t say I miss that particular kind of stress!

How does a model prepare herself spiritually for these back-to-back international fashion weeks? Don’t underestimate the power of taking time out for deep breathing and quiet reflection. Sounds simple enough, but we all forget this basic necessity in nerve-wracking situations. Drink tons of water, get at least 6 hours of sleep, and perhaps most importantly, have a meditation technique that can ground you when everything around you is spinning. I’ve written before about my love of the TM technique. There are many techniques out there, so find the right one for you and make sure to practice it each and every day during fashion month. I promise it will help you more easily sail through the ups and downs of this turbulent time.

Stay connected to your source and never forget your strengths. Whatever is flung at you, hold fast to who you are, and don’t let the madness affect you. You got this!

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