Why do we have to learn some lessons over and over and over again? Recently I was reminded of a phrase that I heard a few years ago: “procrastination is the killer of motivation” – so true. This statement spoke directly to me when I first heard it, and I told myself then that I would never procrastinate again. Ha Ha Ha. I hate procrastinating on business endeavors, yet at times I still find myself doing just that.

Case in point, after just completing stage one of a new business project I’m developing with others, I kick myself for how long it took me to accomplish the simple enough beginning. Why did I put it off for over a month? A task that took me a week’s worth of work to complete and was super simple once I started. Sure I had other projects to work on simultaneously, and I’m not a robot that can work non-stop for 24 hours, one must eat and sleep and play, however, the truth is I felt unsure of a certain aspect of the project and I just kept pushing the whole thing away. I’d do nominal research, waiting for a miracle of inspiration to hit me over the head, but none came. Instead, I kicked into high gear, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work. And then the miracle appeared: the work wasn’t work at all – it was a wonderful discovery of ideas and possibilities that got me so excited, I couldn’t stop working!

When we stop thinking and start doing, life blossoms before our eyes and things we once thought of as laborious tasks can become ebullient joyrides. What can you start today that you have been putting off for far too long? The first step is the most important.

Claudia MasonComment