Swimming! And Pre-workout Tips

I’m absolutely loving swimming multiple laps in the pool at the gym I just joined almost 2 months ago. I’m a water baby by zodiac sign since I’m a Pisces, and I’ve always felt at home in the water but I’ve never been a regular in the pool, certainly not at a gym for the sake of exercise. I’ve enjoyed plenty of carefree swimming in the world’s most glorious oceans, seas and pools over the years, but not since I was 10 have I specifically gone to a pool on a regular basis and put on a swim cap, goggles and a one piece suit and focused on a goal of swimming 20 laps.

And it feels so good! Never mind that I have to stop between some laps, I’m still building up my stamina thank you. Or that I have to take a breath every other stroke…I’m getting there! And it is the best exercise for the entire body. It’s really the most wonderful for my back and stomach muscles which are the ones that support the spine, and my scoliosis is thanking me big time these days. Any back pain magically disappears after a session in the pool – ah relief, ah toned muscles, ahhh swimming…!

Here are three things you can do to get motivated for your exercise of choice:

Buy new workout clothes – this makes starting to exercise something to look forward to since you will get to wear your new outfit.

Mark time in your calendar for your workout just like you do with any other appointment – that way it will be harder to skip.

Have a goal – whether that is to drop a certain amount of weight, to build muscle, or to build your stamina, having a goal in mind helps us make it to the finish line.

Claudia MasonComment