The Autumn Chill – Helping Our Skin and Hair

Here we are again, that time of year when summer suddenly seems like a distant memory despite it being gone only a few weeks, at least officially. The grey skies are settling in as well as the early loss of daylight – very difficult indeed when attempting to keep one’s spirits up for the potentially dreary and depressing season we’re approaching. However! Let’s not forget that the months of October – February can also be exhilarating, magical and romantic. Sipping hot drinks by the fire, cozying up to your lover under the duvet, or layering up and going out for a walk in the cool, brisk air holding the hand of someone special – ahhhh, it all sounds so delicious, why bother feeling blue!

So while we’re cozying up to someone under our big cashmere blankets, or letting our (perhaps spiked) hot beverage of choice warm us all the way down our bodies to our toes, let’s remember that beauty wise this season is about keeping our skin and hair well moisturized. All the heat that our bodies are thankfully bombarded with when the outside temperatures drop and our apartment thermostats go up, means we need to lather on the face and body oils and creams, drink plenty of water, and keep our hair well conditioned.

I happen to love Clarins face oils and their Double Serum is great under your SPF. Also Skinceuticals’ C E Ferulic acid is a must. The Phyto products are fantastic for the hair, try the Huile Soyeuse, as well as Serge Normant’s divine Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment. And don’t forget your nails and cuticles! They need that extra lovin’ too! If all you have is olive oil, then throw that on them and massage in, and then go to your computer (wrapped in your snuggly blanket of course) and buy Honey Girl Organics cuticle cream. Enjoy and stay warm!

Claudia MasonComment