Here we are two weeks into the New Year and winter is finally showing itself in New York City. Temperatures have dipped from a Christmas day high of 70 degrees to a current 25 degree chill; the wind makes it more like 12 degrees. Brrrrrrr!

How does cold weather affect your skin? It dries it out. Our home thermostats are set high to keep us warm, but it also hurts our skin. We know it’s important to keep a humidifier running during the cold months (or crack the window a bit to let some air inside), and we know we have to keep our skin moisturized – including those “problem” areas like our heels, elbows and knees that we tend to overlook – and we need to remember to drink that H2O!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even as I write this I’m aware that I haven’t been drinking enough water lately. It really helps our skin stay youthful and radiant along with keeping our bodies flushed of impurities. It also helps get rid of headaches, especially those caused by hangovers! Recently I’ve been drinking FRED water since a friend of mine works with the company and happened to send me a box full of their well-designed flask-shaped bottles of pure spring water. No matter what the name on the label is, as long as it’s clean water, ingest as much as you can and you’ll feel better, look better and you’ll be hydrating your precious skin in a way that can’t be achieved by using moisturizer alone. It all begins with hydrating from the inside out!

Happy drinking!

Claudia MasonComment