Tampons And Toxic Shock Syndrome

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I was so outraged when I saw this article this past June. I posted it to my personal Facebook page with the following words:

“I have used 100% organic cotton tampons, free of perfume and chlorine, for over 15 years. There are a few companies that make them, Natracare being the company I use, and I would never think about going back to the commercial brands. Urge your daughters, sisters, female friends to only use 100% organic cotton tampons and even better: to go without tampons and just use organic chemical free pads.”

Besides feeling sad for this young woman, I felt angry in regards to our society’s general lack of care for each other. How can a company put profits above the lives of human beings? Yes, yes, I know, I know…this is what happens every day all around the planet. Sometimes the tragic fallout from how we treat each other and our acceptance of putting profits over people stops me in my tracks and I wonder to myself how the human race has arrived at this point. Human tragedy and suffering and cruelty exist everywhere in many different forms since the beginning of time, and yet, do we just accept this fact or do we do something, no matter how small an action that might be, to push against it?

Concerning this particular case I believe we all have to strive to be as conscious as we can be every day of our lives, especially informing ourselves on issues that relate to our physical, mental and emotional health.  Don’t just trust what the labels say on tampons, beauty products, food, etc., let’s educate ourselves on what we are about to put into/onto our bodies. We must be informed because unfortunately the world as we’ve made it, isn’t looking out for anyone else.  Let’s all take the best care of ourselves as we can, and to whatever degree we can, also look out for each other.

Claudia MasonComment