Be Comfortable In Your Body – It’s Bathing Suit Season!

Here we are again! July. Summer. Exposed flesh. What comes up for you when you read those last two words? Joy? Anger? Terror? Most of us will choose the third option. Why? Because we are consistently bombarded with advertising that convinces us we are somehow deficient in our physiques. Be it our thighs, belly, upper arms, hips, butt…somehow, in some way, we are certain that our bodies are not good enough to be parading around a beach half dressed for all the world to see.attachment

I hear you, believe me I do. Even though I’m a model who has a pretty healthy sense of body image, I am repeatedly put under the microscope to make sure that all is as it “should” be. That’s how it is in my industry; models make their living from their looks and shape. In order not to lose our minds, we have to have a fitness and beauty regime for sure, and we also need to have a positive self-image that we can call upon whenever we need. Be it a meditation on accepting our bodies exactly as they are, or loving every square inch of ourselves and finding the beauty in our unique forms, or acting as if we already feel this way even when we don’t. An ounce of joyful make-believe will very quickly propel your perspective forward in the right direction.

So whoever you are, whatever your shape, accept yourself as the uniquely beautiful creature you were created to be. Always keep in your best shape through proper exercise and a nutritious diet, and then throw your head up, put on your shades and proudly strut down the beach!

Claudia MasonComment