Vacation Prep

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How do you prep for vacation? What’s more important, the shape your body is in, or the clothes that adorn your physique? I say both.  I like my body to be as toned as possible before I walk around the beach in a bikini, and it’s best to have some meat on the bones when wearing a bathing suit.

Lately I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with different work projects, and stress has reared its ugly head as a result. Not good, I know. What’s worse is I tend to lose my appetite when under pressure – and this current NYC heat wave isn’t helping matters! I’m trying to eat as much as I can to have my body be bikini ready, as well as exercise my muscles so I feel great when I strut my stuff in Nantucket. What you eat affects how you look as we all know, so eating protein and complex carbs as well as legumes is a must for optimal weight and muscle tone.

I also like wearing all those beautiful summer outfits, like colorful short dresses, skirts and tops, shorts and blouses. Pretty summer sandals and pedicured feet are a must. If you feel good in your body then it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, but it sure is nice to enjoy dressing in summer’s pretty fabrics and colors!

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