Run out and see this documentary ASAP, it’s that good. Legendary documentarian Albert Maysles is at the helm of this fantastic film about the life of the quirky and talented go-getter, Iris Apfel. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of this too brief celluloid experience.

I had surprisingly never heard of Iris Apfel before this documentary, which is crazy since I’m in the fashion industry and I love vintage clothes. I wish I had lived in NY in 2005 when the Costume Institute at the Met featured an exhibition of accessories and fashion from Mrs. Apfel. This woman has quite a collection! And quite a spirit! Iris possesses a joie de vivre that is infectious and had me wishing that I was onscreen with her on one of her adventurous shopping sprees in whichever city she happened to find herself. She loves the hunt for fashion, be it clothing, hats, accessories, shoes, and also furniture & tchotchkes, which she has an abundance of, lovingly spread throughout her various homes.

There are some wonderful, endearing moments captured on film of Iris who is 93 and her centenarian husband, Carl Apfel. They have lived quite a life side by side and continue to do so today with no sign, at least on Iris’ part, of slowing down any time soon. It was a pleasure to see the great photographer Bruce Weber in the film as well. Having worked with Bruce many times as a model, I was delighted to discover that the public can get to know and enjoy his charming personality thanks to this film.

There is so much to enjoy in this film! Put on a big necklace a la Iris, and go and see it!

Claudia MasonComment