Always be Camera-Ready…Even for Radio!


If only I listened to my own advice last week.

I had two interviews scheduled: one for NBC’s Cozi TV, and another for SiriusXM radio. For the NBC interview I knew we would be on camera and I always prep well for these appearances; the right outfit, and hair & makeup ready. I even know to ask the cameraman where the camera is cropping, for instance full body, from waist up or from shoulders up (hey I’m a pro and I’ve been doing this since I was an early teen). This particular NBC cameraman had the audacity to tell me “don’t worry about it sweetheart, just concentrate on the anchor…”

The nerve!

Unfortunately there was only 5 seconds before going live so I couldn’t put him in his place and get the info I needed from him – so I winged it. You see, when a woman is on camera and wearing a dress or skirt, she needs to know if the camera will be getting her bare legs which then calls for some leg adjusting. This is basic on-camera knowledge. Thankfully my legs ended up looking fine – I have great legs, the point is, no matter how great one’s legs are, there are some unflattering positions that the camera will most definitely pick up on!

But I digress.

The prep needed for on-camera is wardrobe, hair and makeup. The prep for radio should be the same even though there’s no camera. I know this, yet decided to walk into the studio last Friday for my SiriusXM interview wearing no makeup – gasp! And an outfit not suited for photos cause it was too casual. It turns out there were photos taken of us after the interview – an almost certain reality in today’s social media culture, and I should have known better.

Always be prepared to have your photo taken whether you’re on camera or just doing radio.

You can listen to my SiriusXM interview here, it’s a good one – despite the fact that I wasn’t “camera-ready”! And my NBC interview was posted in an earlier blog.

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