Hair in the Humidity

Summer’s here and so is the humidity! We’ve had temperatures hit 90 degrees on several occasions so far and the season has just begun – yikes!

What is a girl to do regarding her hair in the treacherous NYC heat?

That all depends on what type of hair you have, and how particular you are about keeping it styled exactly as it was when you left the house that morning. (If men had to go through all the shenanigans we do to keep their hair perfectly coiffed, they’d never leave the house!)

I happen to have wavy curly long locks. I’ve always loved my hair, except for the times when I was a child and it would get tangled up in the worst knots. My mother would call these knots “bird’s nests” and she angrily combed these “nests” out of my hair as I lay over her lap in misery; from the pain of the untangling process to the sound of her anger at me for allowing my hair to tangle in the first place.

But back to my theme…since my hair tends to curl up and get frizzy in the heat, I like to keep it back in a loose chignon at the nape of my neck when it’s freshly washed and still wet. This way when I go out it won’t immediately poof out, it will be manageable when dry. I tend not to like to use any products. Just wash and condition in the shower, throw it up in a loose bun and voila.

For the times when I have to style it however I will either lightly put a curling iron through it section by section, or blow it out to offset the frizz. The trick is how to keep it styled when I’m out and it suddenly rains. During these times I’ll gather it back and twist it with my hand and hold onto the ends for a bit, or I’ll just throw it back up in a chignon or loose ponytail and wait for the weather to change before taking it down.

Whatever you do, don’t let the heat ruin your mood – it’s only hair after all! Enjoy this hot weather, we forget how cold it was not too long ago…

Claudia MasonComment