Are You a Coffee Drinker?

I am most certainly not. Except for the rare occasion when I indulge while in Europe (I’ll explain), I am not a coffee drinker. Why? Because it makes me jittery and dizzy; caffeine and I are not a good combo at all. That goes for caffeinated tea as well. Most people start their day, and restart it a number of times, by drinking coffee. I can’t imagine anything more appealing than starting my day that way. I would be down and out rather.

How do I get going in the morning, and keep going during the day? Water, herbal tea, kombucha; which is fermented black or green tea that doesn’t bother me. Same for chai tea, which I like to drink hot or cold with soy or almond milk. Chai is black tea mixed with certain spices, a sweetener and some form of milk, and somehow this combo doesn’t allow the caffeinated component of the drink to negatively affect my sensitive constitution. It’s a yummy beverage for sure and one of my favorites!

So why do I indulge in drinking caffeine while in Europe? Because for some reason their cappuccino’s, café au lait’s and the like do not give me a headache. In France, Italy, Spain or Germany, I can have a couple of these delicious hot beverages throughout my day and be perfectly fine. For one thing the quality of food is superior in Europe; they are ahead of us in regards to food regulation policies, and this in turn affects the food quality and how our bodies absorb what we eat.

Let’s not forget that caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, it is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Hello!

Claudia MasonComment