Sunday Funday!

So last Sunday night there were two major TV events airing simultaneously: the Tony Awards and the NBA Finals, game 2. I was staying with good friends of mine for the weekend, in their house upstate. I was the only female since my hosts were two men; a couple, and their other guest was also a gay man. We had a wonderful weekend, and the guys had spoken of their excitement for the upcoming Tony’s since we arrived upstate. I happen to love theatre as you may know from some of my previous posts, as well as the fact that I’m an actress who loves performing live, however, I haven’t seen much Broadway this past year and I was not looking forward to watching the awards show. Then I realized what other major viewing event was taking place that same night…the NBA Finals…and I just knew that I had to watch the game.

Yes, I’m a sports fan. I absolutely love watching the NBA Finals and the World Cup Futbol (soccer) games. I’m not particularly fond of watching the regular season games, nor do I much care for baseball or football, but the basketball finals in particular are an event that I take great delight in! Fortunately there were two TV’s in the house and I announced on Saturday night over dinner that I would like to watch the finals on the small screen in the den while the boys watch the Tony’s upstairs in the movie room. You would have thought I committed a crime with the stunned reaction from the males. How on earth could I like sports one of them said; how on earth could I NOT watch the Tony’s another chimed in…sports over theatre – no way!images

Way boys, WAY. I had the best time in their den watching an incredible game 2 between the Cleveland Cavaliers – go Cavs! – and the Golden State Warriors, woot woot! And the 3 men had a great time watching the Tony’s. I found it highly amusing that in a house with 3 men and 1 female that the guys were all watching Broadway’s annual awards show, and I was happily ensconced in an armchair viewing one of the most heated basketball finals I’ve ever seen – OK I haven’t seen loads! But I do understand the game! Well, sort of…but I’m so in there with my team!!

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