Celebrate Your Accomplishments


I submitted my book to my publisher last week and it felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Phew. I could breathe again. It’s important to celebrate an accomplishment and not just let the next project immediately takeover. We’re only human last I checked, and I don’t know about you but I need to exhale for a few days, a week ideally, after completing a major work endeavor such as writing a book…! Before I go on to my next project, I like to celebrate.attachment

It’s most fun to celebrate with others, so I went out and raised a glass of bubbly with my boyfriend and then we had dinner with friends in from out of town and more glasses were raised to me :-). I felt gratitude for the loving acknowledgement by those close to me, of my achievement. I also had a massage at a spa which relaxed my achy muscles and overtaxed adrenals.

Don’t skip over celebrating the accomplishment of your goals! It makes moving onto the next goal that much easier and effortless.

Claudia Mason