The Unexpected

Isn’t it amazing how the unexpected always comes around to bite us in the you know what…?! Just when you think “I got this” – you don’t. Arrgghhhhh!

When I started writing my upcoming book “Insider’s Guide To Teen Modeling  & finding the supermodel in YOU”, I thought the hardest aspect of the book would be the actual writing. As difficult as staring at the blank page had been during those long months of getting the words and thoughts formed on the page, the most difficult part of putting my book together proved to be the visual part. That’s right – the pictures. Chasing down photographers and their agents was at times a nightmare. Especially since I hadn’t been in touch with these great artists in so long and I had to find them through their reps, some of whom did my head in! All in all everyone was happy to be a part of the book which will be giving back to the fashion industry by helping future models find their way into the business. The technical side of getting the photos in print res copy was also grueling and I’m unfortunately still going through this step as we speak.

So, as tough as my writing sessions were at times, they didn’t compare to the headache of the photo layout side of the process – who figured? I thought all I had to do was scan my old tear sheets and email all the pics to my publisher. Makes sense right? Nope – there was so much more to it than that lol.

During highly stressful times like these, I find my daily meditation practice so vital in keeping me balanced and focused and calm. We all need a calm few moments in our day where we can re-center ourselves, no matter what kind of day one is having; stressed or quiet, long or short, difficult or easy breezy. Getting into the habit of meditating has vastly helped me cope with whatever the day may bring.


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