A Flashback Friday Memory

Assembling the selected pictures for my forthcoming book “Insider’s Guide To Teen Modeling & Finding the Supermodel in YOU” (Skyhorse Publishing later this year), I found myself walking down memory lane when I came across one of my UK Elle covers. It’s a gorgeous shot of me taken by the fabulous photographer, Andrew Macpherson. The specific memory that sprung up was one of the late, great hairstylist, Ray Allington. Ray was a genius pure and simple. He was one of those stylists that could, and often would, create any kind of style, including grandiose, on a moment’s notice. He was a true artist, and that day in a London studio for the cover shoot I witnessed how prolific his abilities were.

Ray hadn’t decided which style he wanted for one of the looks, so he left the studio at lunchtime and returned with a piece of oak tag. He whipped my hair up in a chignon, and cut and bent that piece of oak tag and voila – in no time I had the most regal looking head piece on. Yes, a head piece made of oak tag. That’s fashion for you, creative and dramatic at best. This was the look that made the cover. I’ve attached it for you to see.

You are missed Ray!

Claudia MasonComment