Highlighted Events From the Couture Shows in Paris

This season’s Couture Shows in Paris certainly didn’t disappoint. While there was still plenty of glamor and elegance, much of the fashion on display seemed rebellious.

Many of the 2015 Spring/Summer collections on show during the week seemed to take their inspiration directly from the natural world, harkening back to a simpler era. On the other end of the spectrum, modern shapes, angular designs, and plenty of bold and daring designs also featured in this year’s show.

From Chanel’s tropical island getaway, to Jean Paul Gaultier’s debut in the world of haute couture, and Versace’s curve-inspired show-stopping modern collection, here are a few highlighted events from the Paris Couture Shows.

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Donatella Versace’s theme was a refreshingly simple, daring look featuring cutouts, winding slivers, and bold colors. The Italian designer said that her collection was all “about cut, and the curves of a woman’s body … when we started the collection, I said I wanted no straight lines at all. Every seam is curved.” The collection is the epitome of glamour, and power.

From the house of Chanel, this season’s collection seemed to draw inspiration directly from a warmer place. Lattice-woven chiffon sheaths and shirt dresses were featured in a rainbow of pastel colors, and classic Chanel tweed was treated to an island makeover. The setting was a tropical garden, with mechanical palm trees and exotic details to complete the dramatic display.

Finally, this week’s highlights wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jean Paul Gaultier, and his collection of wedding-inspired pieces. This show was Gaultier’s first haute couture collection since he left the ready-to-wear business last fall. Featuring everything from satin tailoring, to pantsuits, to a snakeskin trench-dress, this collection displayed a number of dramatic and unexpected pieces.

Did you catch any of the 2015 Spring/Summer Couture Shows? Share your favorite trends with us in the comments. 

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