Packing Your Suitcase

While it is so exciting to get out of town for the holidays and take a little vacation, the one aspect that I can’t stand about the traveling process is packing my suitcase! Hate it! I always leave it to the last minute and then inevitably forget something, from a small replaceable item such as shampoo, to a large irreplaceable piece of clothing. And over-packing or under-packing will consistently be the result of packing at midnight the day before departure. I think my dislike of the whole process stems from the years spent traveling the globe as a teen model; having to constantly change routines at the drop of a dime, e.g. in school one day then shooting for Vogue in Paris the next. As much as I had a blast whenever I arrived to a location for a gig, I still dragged my feet in prepping for the trip, reluctant to switch gears yet again.

How do I make this process more enjoyable today? Especially during the holidays when both the trip to the airport as well as the time spent there can be super aggravating, it’s important to leave yourself enough time for the packing process so you’re not rushed and scattered. Organize the items you intend to bring along with you, especially your clothes. Lay them out on your bed so you can clearly see what’s necessary and what you can leave behind. Same thing with accessories, shoes and toiletries. To get the most into your bag, put your clothes in first, then your toiletries and finally your shoes. Whatever you do, don’t let any of it bother you (e.g. you realize you’ve forgotten to purchase something for your trip and now it’s too late). Put on some music and realize how lucky you are to actually be going away on vacation! Yippee!    

Happy Holidays!   


Step 1. Start putting necessary items into suitcase.


Step 2. (Really step 1! But don't be too rigid with yourself or you'll scream out of frustration with the whole annoying packing process like I do!) Lay your clothes out on your bed so you can actually see what you must pack and what you can leave behind.


Step 3. Finish putting chosen clothing, shoes, toiletries and accessories into that darn suitcase (or into two suitcases as is my case this holiday since I'm going to two different destinations with two climates which of course makes the dreaded packing process even more laborious! Is it evident yet that I really don't like packing...?)


Step 4. Now all that's left is to do the best you can to close the suitcase after you've stuffed it to the gill! May the force be with you!!

Claudia MasonComment