What Is The Perfect Sweater?

No this is not my favorite kind of sweater! Me, on the job modeling sweaters.

Is there such a thing as the perfect sweater? I think so. My favorite style is the big, loose cow neck with fitted torso and arms. I also like V neck sweaters whether chunky wool or light cashmere. I tend to prefer colors such as beige, grey, black, navy blue, brown, cream and burgundy. There’s nothing like curling up in a cozy sweater with a hot cup of something (latte, hot chocolate, decaf cappuccino) when it’s cold outside…but wait – it’s not cold outside! In fact NYC is going through spring-like temperatures this week! Soon enough it will be winter however, and that’s when we can all bundle up in our favorite jumpers (as the Brits call them).

I think the perfect sweater is one that keeps you warm but not hot, especially since autumn weather is so unpredictable these days. That’s why it’s important to keep a variety of sweaters in your closet: bulky thick designs, thin lightweight classics, midriff baring styles, and sweater blouses. I tend to favor cashmere, but cotton and wool blends are equally as good in terms of comfort and style. To this day my favorite sweater is a big, beige, cashmere “boyfriend” sweater I got from a modeling job in Milan a while ago. The quality is excellent and it has held up throughout the years.

Claudia MasonComment