Rain, Rain Go Away…

What to do when it rains and you have to race around town for appointments all day? How do you keep yourself together: hair, makeup, outfit? What about keeping that cheaply made umbrella you just paid $5 for on a street corner, from not breaking in the zany wind…? And let’s not forget about keeping your phone from slipping out of your hand (‘cause you’re balancing umbrella, hot drink, and phone in two hands) and falling into one of the thousands of puddles that have just sprung up from all the rain…ugh…it’s enough to want to make you crawl back home and into bed and hope that when you wake up it will all be a dream. But no, it’s real and you have many more appointments all over town before you can think about returning to your dry, warm and cozy apartment. Onward soldier!

I found myself in this very predicament the other day as the rain poured down from the sky and I ran around (with my laptop to boot!) from meeting to meeting, uptown, downtown, midtown. Subways, taxis, walking, you name it – it was awful. Especially since my new, cheap, purchased-on-the-last-street-corner-I-passed umbrella, broke within 10 minutes of owning it (because really, who remembers to take their good umbrella with them when they leave their house in the morning on rainy days?), and right at that moment a taxi raced past me, splashing me with gross puddle water from the road as I stood on a corner waiting to cross the street. GREAT. Now my clothes are soaked, my hair’s a mess, my mascara’s smudged and god help me if my computer is wet – arghhh – thankfully laptop was fine.

In these moments it’s best to stop, take a deep breath and silently (or voluminously!) chant Ohm. It’s best to collect yourself before moving on. So what if your hair and makeup get a bit messed up, you’ll be able to fix yourself up and dry yourself off when you arrive to your next destination. I’m trying to remember to laugh in these frustrating moments – not easy – after all, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe taking a light approach will allow me to enjoy the day more. It certainly will make getting through it that much easier.

Claudia MasonComment