Why I Like Dressing For Autumn – The Outfits! The Shoes!


Browns, greens, oranges…sumptuous and varied in range, these are just a few of the colors that come alive during the fall season and make me happy since I look good in them all!

Yesterday I stepped out in my first complete autumn ensemble (see pic below) and I felt like a million bucks. There’s something very satisfying about layering clothing on your body and mixing different colors that are more typical of cooler weather. The beiges, burgundies, deep purples, navy blues…the color of nature at this time of year…the browns, greens and oranges that are all around us in the leaves as they fall to the ground. We enjoy the crisp wind as it blows through our hair and we dig our hands into the pockets of our comfy sweater, coat or poncho. We feel at once this glorious colder temperature and enjoy a hot latte as we throw a big cashmere scarf around our necks and walk along the lovely streets of the city.IMG_6513

The shoes we pick to complete a look are just as important as mixing the color, texture and shape of the clothes we adorn ourselves with. I wore a low burgundy boot with a pair of Joe’s Jeans flare bottom burgundy corduroys – yes it was the right mix of two different tones of burgundy! I had a Rag & Bone grey/navy blue striped sweater and a great David Szeto fall coat that I got ages ago at Barneys and had never worn but dragged around the world with me whenever I moved since I just couldn’t let it go (I’m now glad I held onto it). I topped my look off with a beige cashmere scarf from Calypso, and of course a nice pair of sunglasses (mine were tomexgreenmonster) and voila, with this look I stepped right into the new season.

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