Oh What A Day It Was!

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 07: Model Claudia Mason attends the Giorgio Armani and Cinema Society screening of Sony Pictures Classics' "Truth" at Museum of Modern Art on October 7, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

Last week I experienced a particularly colorful Wednesday. The day started off normal enough, but quickly descended downward into a frustrating spiral of unwanted episodes being hurled my way. Was it something in the air? Was Mercury still in retrograde?

The first and most infuriating of the three perturbing events of the day happened at the end of a morning appointment. I was headed into the bathroom for the closest trash can to throw away some crumpled tissues I had in my hand and I was carrying an almost empty cup of tea in the same hand and my bag and phone were balancing in my other hand – I tend to overload my poor hands and arms with too much stuff, why? Women, can you relate to me?! I’ve noticed we tend to do this more than the guys.

Anyway, as I leaned over the toilet to throw the stupid tissues away, my phone dropped right into the toilet – kerplunk! OMG. I stared at it in shock as my friend reached into the toilet to fish it out for me (great friend).

Thankfully the toilet was empty (can you imagine if not ewww!) I ran right over to the nearest Apple store which was five blocks away, as I frantically tried, to no avail, to resuscitate my-precious-can’t-breath-without-it-iPhone 6+.

Oh the horror when I realized that it was in fact dead. Had I just lost a child? “It’s a phone for god’s sake! Pull yourself together Claudia!” Yes these were my inner thoughts. As you’ve already guessed, I needed a new phone. Due to my insurance policy with my carrier they could only send me one. So, I went for THREE DAYS without a phone. No joke. I know, CRAZY that I survived.

The other two events were minor in comparison. The 2nd one was on the subway later that evening when I was all glammed up and headed to Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) for a screening of the fabulous film TRUTH. A homeless man decided to follow me into the subway as he screamed at me “blondie!”.

Yes, I’m a brunette.

I skillfully dodged him as best I could, and was nearly assaulted by him before he finally left me alone. Very unsettling, and let me say how tragic it is that there are currently so many homeless people on the streets.

Finally to top off the day; after I walked down the red carpet at MOMA, one of the film’s stars elbowed me in the boob. We both turned around to see what happened and she profusely apologized in the kindest way and I laughingly said “nice to meet you Cate.”

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