Winter Fashion Trends for 2015

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Winter fashion 2015 draws inspiration from a number of different influences and eras. From vintage to ultra-mod, tribal, baroque, and retro, this year’s winter styles are truly unique and varied.

Statement coats are an excellent wardrobe staple this season.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, or searching for inspiration on what to wear this winter, here’s a look at a number of fashionable picks for winter 2015.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s most fashion forward pieces, and some of this season’s must-haves.

Baroque Inspiration

Baroque inspiration is showing through in a number of different trends this season: velvet coats, cashmere pieces, chiffon, silk, and lace are everywhere. This style also lends itself beautifully to accessories, and allows you to easily dress up a simple outfit by adding embellishments. Look for long and elaborate necklaces, pearls, metallic details, feathers, and anything that’s ultra-classic and feminine.

Statement Coats

Bold, comfortable, trendy, and warm. Statement coats are a must-have this winter. One of the big wardrobe issues in winter, is covering up a stylish outfit with a drab, bulky coat. With a statement coat, don’t compromise –keep yourself stylish and warm. Choose a tribal-inspired statement coat, or go with one a bit more glam –both excellent statement coat options this season.

Bold Boots

This winter has been all about long legs, and there’s no better way to make a statement, and show off your stylish sense of footwear than with a bold new pair of boots. This season’s boots are fun, chic, and wild. Glitter encrusted boots, slouchy numbers, and knee-high lace-up suede boots are a few top picks for this season.

Metallica: Party Glam

Party glam is in. Metallic colors –along with glitter and sequins are making it big this winter. For parties, a night on the town, or even as accessories for everyday attire, look for glitter and metallic details to dress up your look.

Fur/Faux Fur

From scarves to wraps, coats to dresses –fur, or faux fur, is a great way to give winter the cold shoulder this year! Fur scarfs especially are the must-have accessory of the moment. A fur scarf works effortlessly with a number of different styles. Wear it over a dress for a night out, or pair it up with a winter coat.

Black and White

The colors black and white consistently manage to hold their own, and we are seeing a number of fresh and stunning interpretations this year. Look for new ways to dress-up traditional black and white wardrobe staples, and remember that black and white never truly go out of style.

50’s Inspiration

Heralding back to the time of ruffled skirts, classic suit jackets, and oversized shoulders –bringing back the 50’s is all about working the very best elements of that era. Combining the 50’s with futuristic pieces is a great way to keep things balanced, and adds a very stylish, modern yet retro look to any wardrobe.

Which winter trends are you embracing this year? Do you have plans to update your wardrobe with on-trend accessories or a new piece or two? Share with us in the comments!

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