Miracles From Esalen, Big Sur, CA

I’m back from Esalen in Big Sur, CA. I’m also back in NY after being in CA for a week of vaca: 4 days in LA with friends, and 3 days in Big Sur at Esalen Institute for a wonderful workshop that was called “Your Heart’s Blueprint – Passion, Purpose and Peaceful Presence.” It sounded good when my friend and I planned this trip months ago, and fortunately, it was.

Let me start off by saying how divine the landscape is in Big Sur – astonishingly beautiful. High cliffs that look out and over the Pacific Ocean; the sea lions and whales; the night sky full of bright stars. Stunning. Especially when you’re sitting outside in a natural hot spring tub gazing up at them. Heavenly! These hot springs were restorative and rejuvenating. I just had to not focus on the funny smell from the sulfur (easy), nor the fact that the hot spring baths are clothing optional and co-ed (not so easy). No one, neither men nor women wore bathing suits. You could, but then you’d feel like the one naked person among the clothed. So I went with the flow. I’m not opposed to bathing in hot springs naked with strangers, but it’s just not my thing. There were massages available and fortunately the massage therapists were dressed 😉 that would have been too much for yours truly if they hadn’t been. And I got one of the most amazing massages of my life with a great masseuse.

The actual workshop, led by Sheva Carr, was pretty great. It was centered on a technique called HeartMath, which essentially provides someone with many wonderful techniques of focusing and breathing from your heart. One of the many benefits of this work is to “transform stress into more authentic care and greater resilience”. Check out their website for more info at heartmath.com.

And finally the food at Esalen was yummers! Healthy, organic meals of veggies, meats and complex carbs including quinoa and gluten free bread. I was always right on time for the 3 meals a day that were provided!

All in all it was a therapeutic experience, and for those of you who remember my last post in which I stated my expectation of the many miracles I would experience at Esalen: I saw shooting stars! And the miracle of nature and friendship and acceptance were all had, and I am grateful for them.

I hope your Labor Day weekend was as good as mine!

Claudia MasonComment