Ways to Unwind When You’re Stressed

Ah yes, stress. That nasty little word. How to avoid its potential ugly hold on us? Good question if I may say so myself. The saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff” comes to mind here. I take great comfort in these words, and I immediately feel calmer after saying it.

The fact is we live in a stress-filled Western society. We don’t know how to keep calm and steady throughout the down times in life since we’re not taught how to in school. Even if you were raised in a family that provided you with emotional and mental tools for staying centered in the midst of a stress attack, our society at large doesn’t promote those sorts of spiritual practices. We’re constantly being bombarded with ads from the pharmaceutical companies wanting to pimp their wares on us; prescription drugs, drugs, drugs. They are just not the cure for everything.

So what to do? Go within! Meditation, prayer and closing your eyes and breathing deeply for 5 minutes are all examples of practical ways you can calm yourself down the holistic way. Trust that your breath can work miracles on your mind. Deeply inhaling and exhaling is a lifesaver. Incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life can work wonders, and it doesn’t have to take up great amounts of time. Believe me, you will feel less stressed and more energized if you do so.

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Claudia MasonComment