My Three Favorite Things That I’ve Discovered This Week

The week is just starting and I’ve already discovered three things that I’m psyched about. I wonder what else I’ll find before weeks end…?

My first discovery is not a new discovery. In yoga class on Monday I decided to put my legs up against the wall while lying on my back with my butt touching the wall. This was at the end of class while everyone else was doing a headstand, which I don’t do because A) why?! and B) since I had a cervical dissection AKA a stroke from a freak injury to my neck in a dance class three years ago, I won’t ever be doing a headstand or shoulder stand again thank you. (Note: Please refer to an earlier blog that I posted on August 7th entitled “It Can Happen To Anyone At Anytime” for the full story of my stroke).

This simple posture of having your legs elevated above your head at a perpendicular angle to your body as you close your eyes and relax is awesome! I forgot how restorative this asana (yoga posture) can be. It’s a great position for relieving any body pain as well as for circulation. Or you can just enjoy it for the total chill out effect it gives you, which is just what I did.

My second discovery is the profiteroles at Café Cluny! #Yummers!!! I’ve had profiteroles at many other restaurants throughout the world including in Italy, but the ones at Cafe Cluny in NYC are the best!

And finally my third discovery of the week is the most expensive by far (you can send it to me for Christmas!), and the cutest: the Fendi Karlito Keychain for $1750. Yes, a keychain for over $1K. Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld and crew to come up with designing an item so well that while I don’t need it, I find I must have it – ha!

Claudia MasonComment