To Shave, to Wax, to Laser


What to do? The perils of all three are enough to send a woman running for the hills. Oh these modern times…wouldn’t it be nice to live in an age where women could be women and men could be men? Including some basic bikini maintenance of course, and I’m specifically talking to the ladies here.

There’s a month or so left to summer, which means more beach time ahead. How do you get rid of unwanted body hair when it comes time to get into your bikini? Personally, I am back to befriending my razor. I can’t stand waxing. Ouch big time. Why on earth should I have to be tortured every three weeks at a salon for bikini area hair removal?! It’s nuts if you think about it. I am choosing not to participate in this masochistic ritual any longer.

I won’t be running to the electrolysis to have my bikini area lasered either thank you. Why in the world would a woman want to permanently remove her womanly hair-down-there? Why do we women want to look like prepubescent teens/plucked chickens? Hair grows down there for a reason: it protects from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens. I’m all for keeping it trim, that’s a must. But to remove it all forevermore just won’t allow me to feel womanly, sexy or empowered.

I blame the porn industry. Boys are growing up to believe that porn stars’ nether areas are the way all women are supposed to look. No! Let’s please look the way we feel most comfortable looking ladies! That includes fully plucked if you so choose. But, and I will repeat, hair grows down there for a reason – just keep it trimmed! Of course, hair also grows on women’s legs and underarms and I absolutely shave those areas. But let’s keep the bodily hair removal at that.

Claudia MasonComment