Simple Do-It-Yourself Hair Updos

I’ve been putting my hair up a lot recently, more than ever before. It’s partly due to summer weather, but it’s been so mild and breezy in NY so far this season, the heat is only part of the reason. I have naturally wavy-curly hair that tends to get a bit frizzy in the heat. So after I’ve washed it I throw it up in a loose chignon or pony tail “bulb” as I like to call it – and head out into the humidity.

There are so many ways a woman can throw up her hair, and believe me, sometimes the looser “sloppier” look is best. I love an updo that doesn’t look too done, even if you’ve spent an hour perfecting it, no one has to know! But the quicker the prep-time the better. If my hair is wet, I’ll put it back in a loose ponytail that sits low on the nape of my neck. I might also braid from the top middle or side part, down on each side and fasten at the bottom. Or I might just throw it back in an easy up-twist loose chignon.

There are so many possibilities with updos it’s crazy. Any style that makes you feel your best is the right way to go. There really are no rules.

Claudia MasonComment