Spiritual Traditions: Kabbalah

I’m in the midst of a Kabbalah 1 course and I’m loving it. This ancient Judaic mystical tradition is fascinating, complex and completely practical and, applicable to everyday life. As deep as the concepts are, they are also logical and steeped in reality. I’m fascinated that this esoteric school of thought came about, at least orally, around 13th century BCE. Kabbalah lays out, in such a sophisticated yet approachable way, the origins of the universe and why we’re here.

I’m hooked.

I’ve always been drawn to how ancient spiritual beliefs and traditions can help us in today’s world. The idea that there is some other reality or force that guides us, that created us, is awe-inspiring to me and gives me a sense of strength in myself and a belief in humanity; a feeling of being rooted somewhere, within me and as part of the universe.

I’m at the beginning of my studies for sure, but I find I have a keen grasp on the concepts that have been presented thus far, as if I know the answers before the questions are asked. I believe this is because all people are born with the knowledge of why we’re here, we just lose sight of this as we grow up due to many aspects of our society which are too complex for me to go into here. Somewhere in the depths of our souls we all know the answers to the age-old questions that humans have posed since time immemorial. We just have to be shown how to get back to our collective wisdom.

Kabbalah is one way, and as I said at the top I’m loving it.

Claudia MasonComment