My Spiritual Practice: Meditation

I love to meditate. It’s the first thing I want to do when I wake up in the morning. It grounds me, clears my mind, calms my heart and energizes me for the day ahead.

I recently learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and oh how sweet it is! Thanks to the wonderful facilitators at the David Lynch Foundation, I now have a daily meditation practice for the rest of my life. It’s a practice that you do twice a day for twenty minutes each time. It is totally doable and the rewards are vast.

I first learned a meditation technique in the mid-90’s in Argentina. I had been there with my ex-fiancé, since we traveled the world at that time following our guru, Maharaji. Although his technique is wonderful too, it requires one straight hour of meditation per day. This took up too much time; I could never really fit it into my schedule. Even though when I was able to practice, it gave me such an overwhelming sense of peace and joy. TM gives me that same blissed out feeling – the best high ever I swear! TM also recharges me besides deeply relaxing me, and it happens to be good for our brain cells as well as for every other part of our body.

TM was made popular in the West during the 60’s, by an Indian man named Maharishi (not to be confused with Maharaji who I mentioned above). Today there are many places around the world where one can learn TM. I highly recommend it. Having a meditation technique that works for you is the key to everlasting practice. There are many techniques out there to choose from, and please choose wisely. Meditation can save your life in many ways by grounding your body, mind and soul in deep relaxation which in turn can reverse health problems; get you promoted at work; and deepen your connection with your spouse. Amazing and true.

Claudia MasonComment