My Favorite Beaches


Summer…!! I’m loving it are you…? Need I really ask…? Of course you are. We all are – it’s the best time of year; everything is shining with the sun’s beautiful light. The water is glistening, and the sand feels so good underneath our feet as we walk along the ocean’s edge for as long as our feet will take us.

I just had one of those great walks along the beach last weekend in the Hamptons for July 4th. I was gone for an hour of blissful strolling. I love to walk on the beach this time of year, and the beaches in the Hamptons are pretty fantastic. Nantucket has some beautiful beaches too. I also love the water in South Beach, Miami; between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s incredibly inviting and makes me think I’m in the Caribbean – ahhh!

Speaking of, I just love the beaches in the Caribbean. The small island of Bequia has the most splendid beaches, private and pristine. Anguilla beaches are phenomenal as well as the beautiful beaches in St. Barth’s – J’adore!

I truly love the Caribbean Sea, and one of my all-time favorite beaches is in Tulum Mexico. Splendid! The Mayan Riviera is gorgeous. There you have the Caribbean Sea and the ancient Mayan ruins like the Tulum and Coba Ruins. Not to mention the awe-inspiring Chichen-Itza nearby.

Sardegna (Sardinia) beaches are splendid as well. You have both the Mediterranean Sea and the always-happy Italians – que fantastico! I’ve also greatly enjoyed the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica – puravida- and back stateside I’ve been on some amazing beaches in California, both SoCal and northern Cali like Big Sur – love it.

Thailand beaches are splendid! I can’t wait to go back. The Indian Ocean is magnificent. I have yet to discover Bora Bora and Bali – dying to get there!

Which beaches will you be on this summer…? Let me know!

Claudia MasonComment