My Exercise Regimen

Yoga, yoga and more yoga. That’s about it these days for me in terms of an exercise regimen. I try to make a morning class Monday – Fridays, and usually I end up getting one in three times a week. Hey, three is better than none. My aim is for five times a week since I know how fantastic I feel afterwards. I literally float out of #YogaVida (@yogavidanyc) with my spine feeling nice and elongated, and my muscles long, lean and firm.


I was a dance student from age 5 – 15, and then again in recent years, but due to a neck injury in a jazz class a few years ago, I’ve stopped taking dance classes for now. Which was disconcerting at first, but now I’m very adjusted to yoga and really enjoy it. I have taken yoga classes, mostly Hatha and Flow, on and off for years, and it always tones my body while chilling out my mind. The whole point of a yoga practice is to relax the mind through the breath. To attain a state of Nirvana through physical movements called Asanas. In the west yoga has developed into a great way to keep oneself in top physical shape, but it was not created solely for that.

However, boy does my body look fantastic when I regularly practice yoga! It’s also great for my scoliotic spine. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine that is most common in girls and boys who grow fast. I used to wear a body brace for it during my teen years – nightmare! Yoga is one of the best things for my spine. For my muscles. For my mind. Ohhhhhhmmmmmm!

Claudia MasonComment