Summer Shoe Wear Trends

Hold on a minute – when did Birkenstocks come back..? I was having lunch with my friend the other day and there right before my eyes wrapped around her feet in a new bedazzled style, were a pair of Birkenstocks! I haven’t (thankfully) thought about them since the 90’s and don’t want to now thank you.

No, I am not a fan. I think they are ugly. I realize they are comfortable and yes that is important but so are Crocs. Need I say more? I believe it was Bill Maher who said “Crocs should only be worn by children and mentally insane people.” God I sound harsh! (Bill Maher said it!) I like comfortable shoes especially in summer when I tend to walk more, however there are plenty of other sandal choices that are flat yet feminine and comfortable. Birkenstocks are just not appropriate for a business day in NYC. #hadtosayit even if they are being reintroduced with snazzier materials and designs. They’re still wide, birch-like Woodstock sandals. No thanks for this city girl, and even when I’m in Woodstock or at the beach I still don’t want to wear them. There are other options of sandals that fit my slender female foot and I’ll take those please.

Speaking of the beach, I love that flip-flops are back. Did they ever go away though? I think the long winter confused our brains and suddenly when the sun appeared here in NY everyone discovered the most amazing thing: their toes! Their feet! And what shoe is the most simple to slip on..? The flip-flop of course! I’m down with the flip-flop, Havaianas in particular are so comfy. But there are plenty of other brands that keep them slender in design and fit. Attractive and practical. Now we’re talking.

Claudia MasonComment