On the Fly Beauty Tips for Summer

OK so you’re headed out to the beach, the BBQ or a roof deck party. You don’t have much time to style yourself since your friends are waiting for you outside…how to look and feel your prettiest without feeling like you have a ton of makeup on and/or hair that woulimages (1)d keep even Godzilla away due to too many products in it…? Simple; less is more. Go light with your makeup during summer, especially during the day please! It just isn’t necessary on those sun-kissed cheeks. A little tan is all the makeup a girl might need in the summer. (Remember SPF though! I will always repeat this!) And hair needs practically nothing.

Less makeup = less prep time. I like the bold red lip trend for this summer. Frankly, what else does a woman need on her summer complexion? Possibly a light line of eyeliner or one coat of mascara, but choose one or the other for day – not both.  You might also enjoy dabbing your finger on your red lips, and lightly applying your red tainted finger to your cheeks to heighten your glow.

I also really love this summer’s trend in hair: specifically the braid across the head look, either at the hairline or right on top of the head. A modern Frida Kahlo look. Stunning. And this doesn’t require any products. Your hair can even be a little dirty and it will still look good J and there are so many variations that you can try with hair braiding. The possibilities are endless. It also doesn’t take up a lot of time. Yay!

So grab that red lipstick and let your fingers do some braiding and voila! You are ready to join your friends. Enjoy it!

Claudia MasonComment