My Personal Skin Regimen

That time of year is thankfully upon us once again – summer! I’m so happy that I can walk out of the house in shorts and flip-flops with my face and neck unencumbered by a scarf. Exposing our face to the bright sunshine is good for our vitamin D count, but it can be bad for our skin. Every summer I re-evaluate which creams I’m using on my face and sometimes do a beauty regimen overhaul.


I have had some rosacea on and off for years, and I recently went to see the famed Pratima in her NY salon. I am currently using her skin care products and they seem to be doing the trick. I start with her facial cleanser in the morning followed by a rosacea oil and rosacea lotion and then I use her spf. The spf being the most important product. I can’t stress enough how the sun destroys our beautiful skin over time. Even when you’re in the shade or when it’s an overcast summer day you are still getting the suns negative effects, so make sure to put on some spf before you leave the house. And yes, even in the city.

In the evening I repeat steps 1-3 from above and I add Pratima’s neem cream. I use her sandalwood rose mask twice a week as well.

I also will use Embryolisse cream, a fantastic French facial cream to switch things up every now and then. I think it’s good to not stick to just one brand forever. As far as removing makeup, I tend to buy the natural makeup removers that health food stores sell. They do the trick. I am also fond of Jurlique’s eye cream – an important daily part of one’s daily beauty regimen for sure.

Remember to drink lots of water and get 8 hours sleep too. You will see the difference in your skin for sure!

Claudia MasonComment