Looking Good at the Beach


We all want to look our best as we stroll up and down the sandy beaches of the world this summer. That goes for every summer. What does it take to achieve this? First of all in order to have your best body ever, you must start focusing on it months before summer hits.

Exercise and diet are the staples to keeping your body in the best shape. And they both are ongoing. Give yourself at least 2 months of a regular exercise regimen before beach season hits (it’s late for this year, but not too late). Exercise means different things for different people. I have been a dancer all my life but today I prefer a good yoga flow class to a jazz class. I have basically used a combo of dance, yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonics to keep in shape throughout my life. This is what works for me and the key is finding what works for you. Maybe your workout routine needs to be at the gym, or on the courts shooting hoops, or running, hiking or rock climbing. Whatever it is, I suggest at least three times a week. Gradually working up to five times a week. I take a yoga class M – F when I can, and I skip exercise on the weekends. I’m a big walker, and I live in NYC, so I’m exercising even when I’m not wearing workout clothes.

Beach exercises are a great way to have fun while you get in shape. While on vacation with friends in Sardinia two summers ago, I was told by a local that the way Sardinians stay in shape in summertime is by walking back and forth in the shallow water (up to mid thigh is generally a good height to really get your legs toned as well as your tummy), as they thoroughly enjoy the company and conversation of their friends and families walking along with them. My friends and I tried this old Italian tradition and we loved it.

Classic calisthenics exercises on your beach mat are fun too. The view is certainly better than at the gym! And I always love a game of beach Frisbee, volleyball or Kadima Paddle Ball. Whatever you do for exercise this summer make it fun. You’ll be more likely to keep at it if you do.

I’ll talk about summer diet next time. Enjoy the rest of your week and don’t forget your SPF! 365 days a year – yup.

Claudia MasonComment