The Mani/pedi Obsession

When did it start? While every girl of any age loves to color her nails, it has been an obsession of late. And I, for one, am all for it.

Manicures and pedicures have been around forever, nothing new there. But the color choices have expanded as well as the design possibilities. I love getting a mani/pedi before heading to the beach! It make sense because if you have a fun sparkly design on your toes and hands, you can forego wearing lots of jewelry or any jewelry for that matter on your wrists and ankles. Painted fingernails and toenails are accessories in their own right, which won’t get lost in the sand – as opposed to that favorite bracelet of yours that is now part of the Atlantic ocean. I just love painted toenails. They’re sexy, sensual and completely feminine. They can look good on guys too. As long as he’s the right kind of guy. I wouldn’t want to see my suited up lawyer with a red pedicure! But on an artist for example, it tends to work.

Summertime brings out our mani/pedi obsession naturally. We’re exposing more skin and hence we want to decorate our pretty hands and feet. We all flock to the beach as soon as May hits and we enjoy the spring / summer ritual of attracting potential mates by parading ourselves around with as few articles of clothing on as possible. Our hands and feet are more visible. But in recent years it seems the beach culture standards of LA and Miami have swept up and across the country. NY has been caught up in this color storm for a while now.

I say keep painting your fingernails and toenails and go as big and crazy with the color and style choices as you wish (but stay away from getting gels  – they’re not good for nail health in the long run) and have fun with it!

Happy summer! Let the beach ogling commence!

Claudia MasonComment