Dressing Your Man


Ladies, when it comes to your man and his outfit choices, tread softly. If your husband/boyfriend/guy you are dating asks your opinion on his choice of clothes give it honestly but gently. They really don’t know. They’re not trying to make you crazy or catch you with a “gotcha” moment. No. They honestly need our womanly advice.

My friend is dating a man who is considerably older than her. He is divorced with two kids and he has a successful career. He is intelligent and has good taste. But she tells me when it comes to going out for evening functions such as a cocktail party, he never knows what the appropriate outfit is to wear. I find this amusing. It seems no matter what age your man is, he really needs you in the clothing department.

And that’s OK! Isn’t it fun to dress your man? I think so. It’s so lovely that he needs and wants your help. The best part of a relationship is the giving – the receiving is great too;) – and I look at it as a chance to dress a live doll – ha! I mean that in the best way, with complete respect and love to men. Think of it like getting to dress your Ken doll that you didn’t know what to do with when you were more focused on getting Barbie dressed for their date. After all she had the cooler clothes! But now that you no longer play with Barbie’s (I hope!) you have a live man of your very own who needs you to style him – fun!

Unleash your inner stylist and always be appreciative of the opportunity to help him. He really needs you to, and he will realize even more than he already does, what a gem he has in you.

It’s in the giving that we receive – can I get a woot woot?!

Claudia MasonComment