My Summer Hair Care Tips

Ah summer, a fun time of year for most of us; the beach, the hiking trail, the long afternoon naps swinging in a hammock somewhere in the late day sun…however, what beauty annoyance comes along with all these wonderful outdoor experiences? The havoc that the wind, sun and sea wrecks on your hair. Yes that summer dried out weed like hair! Not cute!


A certain amount of these natural elements are good for your hair for sure, but too much of any of them, and you end up drying out your gorgeous healthy locks. I believe it’s best to first cover up your head when out in the sun for any extended length of time. A hat, cap or a scarf tied around your head will do the trick.  And when you decide to run into the water from your hot, sandy beach towel where you’ve been baking (bad, bad, bad!) in the sun for a few hours, (don’t forget to take a beach umbrella! You will still get plenty of sun under an umbrella) put some phyto plage or phyto 7 in your hair which will protect it from the sun, wind and sand. I also like to use Rahua products on my hair. If you don’t have any hair products with you, you can always use some hand cream on the ends of your hair.

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you will know that I am big on drinking loads of water. It keeps our bodies going in every which way, including keeping our hair shiny and healthy. (How great does it feel to pour water on your head when on the sweltering beach? I love doing this when I’m too lazy to get up and go into the water for a swim!) Instead of guzzling soda on the hot sand in the noon-day sun, down some H2O instead. You will feel so much better and your thirst will be quenched more quickly. Your hair will also get moisturized from the inside out.

It’s also important for hair health to eat the foods that contain good fat, such as nuts, avocados, and fish. Your hair will thank you for it!

Claudia MasonComment