About Affirmations

One of the most inspiring people I’ve ever come across is Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. He’s concerned with the kind of thinking and doing that promote compassionate, peace-giving and self-empowering ways to live. I love something he had to say about affirmations. An affirmation is a typically subjective positive statement like “I behave and think in a loving way to all people” or “I can heal [whatever you may want to heal]” or “I am an attractive and interesting person” etc.

Dr. Beckwith says that an affirmation in itself doesn’t change things in one’s life, but it makes what you’re affirming welcome. – And that’s certainly a start. Other contemporary teachers who make much of the power of affirmations include Louise Hay and Drs. Wayne Dyer and Christiane Northrup. Do check them out. In one way or another, they all make the point that positive declarations “help us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality…Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains…” (quoted from the Huffington Post).